Image Selection

When designing this site, our team placed considerable thought into the selection of the images used to form the banners on our home page.

It was our intention to create a sense of strength, reliability, professionalism and integrity – the core principles on which our business is founded.

With a distinctly Asian theme, we wanted to highlight the phenomenal achievements of an historic culture we respect and admire.

The Terra-cotta Warriors represent strength, ingenuity and guardianship. Buried with Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi in 210-209 BC, it is widely believed that these warriors were placed to protect and assist Qin reign in the afterlife. Qin himself, is credited with connecting existing walls to create the first version of the Great Wall of China, constructing an extensive network of roads and canals throughout his empire, standardising written language and money and abolishing feudalism, establishing in its place provinces run by civilian governors, amongst many other monumental feats.

Utilising innovative methods and concepts, International Operations Group strives to ensure the safety and integrity of our clients. We stand firm in our beliefs and work hard to ensure that our clients are appropriately represented, with all tasks fulfilled to the highest possible standard.

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