Critical Incident Response

Critical incidents can be defined as any threat, action or event that has, or is likely to have a negative effect on the operation, [business] continuity or reputation of an organisation, or the safety and well-being, both physical and financial of individuals or their families.

International Operations Group offers a range of support services to assist companies or individuals manage critical incidents.

We provide support and advice on matters that are likely to result in immediate damage to reputation or to the financial viability of an organisation. As well as the situations outlined above, this may include threats to staff safety, significant theft of information and/or assets, or pending threats of harm from politically or socially motivated groups and protestors.

We offer support services including security, surveillance, factual investigations, technical countermeasures and the collation of intelligence. Senior Consultants personally manage all critical incidents. Absolute discretion is a priority.

Please contact us for additional information or incident management support.

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