Global and Security Intelligence

A comprehensive understanding of security related developments and risks is essential in working to ensure that organisations’ business and security processes continue to be effective. International Operations Group assists clients to mitigate risks, protect assets and reduce financial losses through the provision of accurate and up-to-date security-related intelligence.

International Operations Group provides regular updates, analysis and recommendations with regard to domestic and global security developments. These briefings may include information relating to fraudulent activities, espionage (corporate, industrial and government), terrorist activity, political unrest, and other security incidents that could potentially affect staff safety and/or business continuity.

Through the use of a global network of security consultants, analysts, privileged databases, open sources and real-time intelligence; we produce a range of security-related intelligence products.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Tailored news updates based on specific client requirements
  • Regular security briefings that provide information, analysis and recommendations on key developments and incidents that affect organisations worldwide.
  • Bespoke analyses tailored to suit individual client requirements, the output for which can assess security risks that affect specific business processes and provide recommendations on how to mitigate risks and protect staff and assets.
  • Travel intelligence reports, that are prepared to assist organisations and individuals in staying abreast of emerging threats to their safety whilst travelling, and in maintaining business continuity in foreign or potentially hostile environments.

In conjunction with our global partners, International Operations Group can provide award-winning online travel intelligence subscriptions, with the ability to track staff and critical incidents that may affect their safety or security whilst abroad.

Please contact IOG for more information regarding our subscription-based services or tailored intelligence reports.

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