Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

International Operations Group is an experienced provider of technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) services and is committed to assisting our clients develop effective and long-term counter-surveillance strategies that complement existing security arrangements.

International Operations Group’s consultants offer a full technical and physical inspection of clients’ premises, using advanced counter-surveillance technology, systems and strategies. We constantly monitor new technological developments, in an effort to maintain a superior eavesdropping detection capability. Our consultants regularly attend national and international forums, conferences and training courses, enabling us to provide the most up-to-date electronic surveillance countermeasure service available.

All equipment invested in and used by International Operations Group is directly owned by our team and is regularly updated and calibrated. This investment provides for an effective and professional range of equipment for the detection of covert surveillance systems or listening devices.

For professional office bug sweeps or the detection of listening devices, please contact us, away from the areas you are concerned about, using a third-party telephone or email.

For information on our anti-stalking and physical surveillance detection capabilities, please look at the following link – Surveillance Detection | Anti-Stalking.

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