Travel Risk Management

Designed to enhance global resilience, International Operations Group provides proactive and reactive travel support, enabling clients to make informed decisions relating to the security and safety of international travellers and the safe establishment of overseas offices or projects.

Tailored to suit individual client requirements and using global databases and real-time intelligence services, our bespoke intelligence reports are prepared to assist organisations and individuals in staying abreast of emerging threats to their safety, and in maintaining business continuity in foreign or potentially hostile environments.

In conjunction with our global intelligence partners, International Operations Group can facilitate the provision of online travel intelligence subscriptions, providing the ability to track staff and critical incidents that may affect their safety or security whilst abroad.

We are also experienced in arranging confidential transport and secure travel resources for high-profile individuals who require a level of discretion and/or protection, above those normally provided within commercial aviation environments.

Furthermore, our contracted specialists are experienced in providing discrete executive protection support, particularly for those executives regularly traveling internationally or those who require effective extraction during a crisis. This involves the conduct of threat assessments, ‘advance planning’ and liaison support.

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